Soul is Our Style

We are a collection of petite resorts connected by a road of sorts. We call it the Auric Road, and it is the ethos that connects every one of our properties and experiences. Our mission is to put adventure back into your journey and soul back into your stay. We invite you to join us.

We creatively reimagine and revive historic properties in beautiful regions across the Americas,

honoring their past and creating soulful, beautifully designed places that we use as a base for exploring our natural surroundings. Our petite resorts are intimate enough to craft adventures personalized for you, activated by real-life experts and enthusiasts.

Auric Road is rooted in the history of pilgrimage and storytelling.

Travelers along the ancient Camino de Santiago picked up a scallop shell from the shores of Galicia in northwestern Spain to mark the completion of their journey to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Over time, it became a talisman embedded in inns, signs and pathways to let travelers know they were on the right road. On the journey, they met innkeepers and other travelers, shared food and drink, told stories and learned about the world from each other. And in the thousand years since pilgrims began walking the Camino, the journey has become as important as the destination.


We may make pilgrimages for different reasons these days, but we still travel to experience something bigger than ourselves.

We’re building Auric Road to help you find your own personal alchemy. Along the way, we’re sharing delicious culinary experiences; telling stories; and having adventures that give us new insight into the world. You’ll know you’re on the right road by our golden cornerstone.