Guest Membership

Auric Room

Big Sky, Montana

About Auric Room

Auric Room 1915 is inspired by the year Lone Mountain Ranch was founded. The early 20th century marked a period of adventuring in the territory that would become Big Sky, Montana. Lured by the 1906 Forest Homestead Act and the promise of a new life out West, early settlers like Clarence Lytle, who homesteaded this land, also imbued this area with their pioneering spirit.

After a long journey out West and a hard day of working the land, those early ranchers and homesteaders would have wanted a space to relax, dine well, and share their stories over a whiskey. This is that room.

Our goal for the Auric Room is to create the most unique and intimate culinary and wine and bourbon tasting experience in Big Sky, housed in a room that is simultaneously contemporary and steeped in Montana heritage. As a member, you and your guests will access the Auric Room by greeting your private host at Horn & Cantle, who will escort you to a private elevator that leads you to a private check-in area. To protect the privacy of our guests as well as allow our members to step back in time before the distraction of cell phones, the Auric Room is a cell phone-free environment. You will secure your phone in a private locker upon check-in. In case of emergencies, you will always be reachable by the dedicated member house phone via our concierge.

Inside, you’ll find a private, dining venue with booths, banquet tables, a bar, private kitchen, private bathroom, and cigar terrace. Rustic reclaimed oak flooring and timber walls hearken to a different era while elements lie a thick black marble bar suspended on an ebonized base add mystery and a modern feel. The effect: an intimate, hidden zone of quiet hospitality specifically created for members.

Auric Room Guest Membership Rules

  • The Auric Room is an independently operated membership club at Lone Mountain Ranch and is therefore not included in Lone Mountain Ranch packages. Food and beverage costs are additional costs to any all-inclusive packages.

  • Please note that the following rules apply to all Members:
    • The Minimum Age for any guest in the Auric Room is 21 years of age.
    • For the privacy of guests, there is a strict no phone and camera policy.
    • The Auric Room has a sophisticated western dress code (No Sneakers, shorts, hoodies, or t-shirts).
    • Table reservations may be limited to two hours.

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